Our Team

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Dave Scarpitta

Dave ScarpittaFOUNDER & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and a web marketing and development guru for over 15 years. Dave's first foray into the digital connectivity world, was through playing BBS (Bulletin Board System) games and chat using a 14.4 dial up modem. Since then his passion for sales, business and new technology is the driving force behind Get Found Online Marketing.You can connect with him daily on a multitude of sites and platforms. ☮

Daniel Monaghan

Daniel MonaghanCTO

Über-diverse IT Consultant with 30+ years experience as Sr. Programmer/Analyst/Mgr coding mission critical apps on all major platforms, 25+ years developing e-Commerce sites with best-practice SEO strategies, 20+ years Cyber Security Expert (CSX) eradicating Zero-Day Malware, Spyware, Viruses, and Hacker infestations from compromised systems, and an Advanced Architect of multi-layered Web Application Firewall Infrastructures for large-scale Internet Servers. ⚔



As Chief Feline Observer, Penélope knows when to step-in and provide the quintessential Neuroleadership our team needs when it becomes digitally saturated and needs to rest, relax, and refocus. Penélope is also our mascot and rally starter, she knows just when to jump on the keyboard when the team needs a little inspiration - and to pet & feed her 🐱